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Sacrifice, part two

In connection with my previous post, I asked my extended leadership support group, Lead with Integrity, the following:
I have been asked to make a sacrifice (to rehome a pet that I've had since 2009) and need some words of wisdom from our mastermind group. Is the sacrifice worth the step toward a greater goal, my life's work, my passion?
What about if this sacrifice meant also attaining a secondary goal, of getting to know my extended family better and a tertiary goal of better/cheaper living accommodations for the immediate future?

These were the responses:

You have to get that decision from inside of you. No one can answer that question but you. I found a home for my cat when I moved from IL to CA. I left bc I felt like jumping off a bridge & didn’t think I’d survive another winter. It was the toughest thing I’ve EVER had to do. While I was struggling to get on my feet in CA she died. I was too broke & too far away to do anything. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t hurt & I think of her every day. If you can find a good home, a really good home for your pet, preferably with ability to visit, perhaps that could be a solution. At the end of the day it is YOU & only YOU who has to live with whatever decision you make.

Ask yourself why this is the best option toward A., B., and C.
Whatever comes up, ask why again.
Whatever then comes up, ask why again.
And yes, since this is a huge decision, ask the 4th why.
3-4 why's is a Tim Ferriss tool for moving past the fears and objections and unearthing hearts of the matter.
Asking great questions is a Tony Robbins must. Yes/No's halt the power of the subconscious search engine to bring up the gold.
Especially powerful is asking before bed. It leads to waking up to epiphanies, and having them arise in the next few days.
Another Tim Ferriss tool he calls "Fear Setting".
Write out each option as a worst case scenario. Scroll this link, the 7 steps are #'d and cleanly laid out.

I'm not clear on the true source of the quote:
"99% is a bitch, 100% is a breeze"
The meaning is about commitment. If you leave yourself 1% wiggle room, you're asking for "foot in the door" battles with yourself on getting out of it.
A super powerful statement begins with "I commit ____". This is when "yes/no" on/off thinking serves us perfectly.

I understand the struggle you're having. Are better job opportunities worth giving up something you love/care about? It's a tough one. I recently had an opportunity to get a better paying position at my job but that would mean I'd be at the office instead of working from home. I've learn from the book I'm reading, Feel the Fear...and do it Anyways, that either decision will be a right one and will take you to new opportunities. If you decide to forgo the job option and keep your pet, you are also opening up yourself for other options in the future, ones that you can possibly even keep him/her. If you choose to accept the opportunity and rehome the pet, you are pursuing your goals and also giving another family the joy of loving your pet as well. In the end, try to view both choices as a win-win, as they both open doors to new possibilities​ as well.

From my own experience, I can tell you there won't be a day that you won't think - was it worth it? Could I have done it differently? If it was me now - I would have done it differently than I did - but it's me speaking now, not then. I believe we always make the best decision that is available to us at the given moment, not earlier, not later but right now and right here. So listen to your heart your brain and your gut. For me, even the very thing that you are deeply considering it and sharing with others to get more insight means you are taking the right one <3 I wish you a lot of courage and resilience

Dave the decision is up to you, you are responsible for it. But you see no guts no glory