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The journey from good to great leadership begins with these steps

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Leadership is a journey - a journey traveled by an individual who has been handed over the responsibility of guiding people towards achieving a certain business objective. While some people excel at it and become great, there are others who simply take it as a task and become part of the list of leaders who were just there. They don’t end up becoming great.
The question that arises here is - why? Why is it that some people are able to become great leaders, while others simply fail at it? Do they have some inherent skills or do they have some leadership coaching.
Well, trust me when I say that we all have leadership skills hidden inside. So, both the answers mentioned above are eliminated from the scene. What makes some people cover the distance if being just a good leader and become great is because they take some actionable steps.

Seize every opportunity to learn
Getting things done from the team is just one part of the job of a leader. If you look at the bigger picture, you cannot survive as a leader if you become good at just giving order and cease to grow. Once you are in a leadership role, it is time to now learn the things that you could not as an employee - that’s the only way you will grow.

Grow your network
Great leaders become great because they keep great company. And, this point is valid not just for leaders, but for almost anyone who is looking to grow in professional life. Building a network of influencers creates a window of learning, where you as a new leader can acquire the knowledge that no textbook can teach.

Build relationships
A great leader is the one who is able to build a great team. No matter how skilled team members are, if a leader is unable to bring them together efficiently, their talent will always go waste. This is where the philosophy of team building comes into the picture.

Evaluate how you’re doing
Lastly, you need to evaluate your efforts - whether they are headed in the right direction. The best way to do it - ask your team members. Never be shy to take feedback from them. This will give you a good idea as to whether the efforts you are putting to evolve as a leader are fruitful or not?
Ask them for honest feedback, and if needed also take suggestions from them as to what you can do to become a better leader for them. Sometimes we are doing the best from our side, but it does not fit within the expectations of the beholder. To become a great leader of the team, you need to understand what the teams expects their leader to be. And, then take actionable steps accordingly.