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What Are You Crazy About?

When it comes to concepts like core values and strategic differentiation, I think we sometimes make things more complicated and theoretical than they need to be.

If your business isn’t crazy about something, it probably doesn’t have a strong culture, and it probably hasn’t differentiated itself from the rest of the market. And that means it’s not attracting the right customers and employees, and repelling the others.

One way to look at this idea is to ask the question: could Saturday Night Live do a skit that spoofs your organization’s culture? They could certainly do a funny one about my chiropractor. And about companies like Chick-fil-A, Jos. A. Bank, Apple, REI, and Southwest Airlines. (Some of these companies have, in fact, been spoofed by SNL.)

But most companies are not crazy enough to warrant a spoof. They work hard to avoid being perceived as over-the-top about anything. And they’re probably proud about that, or at least relieved by it. And yet, in so many ways, not being crazy about something is a recipe for not standing out in the minds and hearts of customers, employees and the market as a whole.

So, the question for leaders is this: what is your organization crazy about?

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This reminds me of a book I just listened to (on Audible) by Seth Godin. What was he saying about your "Art"? I will remember and share, unless you do it first! - Dave