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Ten Things You Can Negotiate In A Job Offer

Here are ten things you can negotiate in your job offer (not all in one conversation, however!) apart from your base salary:

1. Additional vacation time

2. Flexibility in your work schedule

3. The ability to work from home

4. Tuition reimbursement

5. Professional dues

6. Conference attendance at the organization's expense

7. Your job title

8. A one-time sign-on bonus

9. A guaranteed first-year bonus (after all, you have no idea how realistic or unrealistic your assigned goals might be — and most often, neither does your hiring manager)

10. A car allowance

Becoming a more confident negotiator is not as scary as it sounds.

Every step you take will make your muscles stronger. No one who matters will be upset with you for speaking up on behalf of your value. The people who matter will applaud you for it!

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